Vacancy Updates

UPDATE: We are delighted to announce that Rev. Adam Pitt is to become our new vicar

He is at present a Curate at Barnabas Church in Bath.
Adam is married to Sarah and has six children 2 of whom are adopted!
It is hoped Adam will be able to join us after Easter next year

We are currently in a period of vacancy

This is a temporary period where we will be without a vicar in our three parishes. This is known as Interregnum (between reigns) and is a normal part of recruitment within the Church of England. Following the departure of Guy Edwards to Bushey in November 2018, the duty of running and co-ordinating church services and events falls to the church wardens (assisted by the Deanery) in each parish.

Download Our Benefice Profile

Click here to download our Benefice Profile Document. This will tell you all about our Benefice and help you to get to know us.

Our prayer for interregnum

Heavenly Father, whose word created all things,
help us to select the right words to find the person
whom You have chosen to be our new minister.

Lord Jesus, you are the Good Shepherd, 
help us to discover a new shepherd for Your flock in
Farrington Gurney, High Littleton and Paulton.

Holy Spirit, whom Jesus promised will be with us always,
help us and guide us as we seek to bring a new light –
not only to our churches,
but also the wider communities in our benefice. 

What does this mean for church services?

For the most part, services will carry on as scheduled. It may mean that some services are led by our churchwardens or community but where we have planned a Holy Communion, we will always endeavour to book a visiting vicar to lead that service. This can be a refreshing change as we all have the chance to experience different styles of sermon and worship.

What happens now?

Each church will engage in a period of reflection to collectively establish the needs and opportunities within our Benefice as a whole. The PCCs (Parochial Church Committees) of each church will be tasked with leading this discussion. This will be formulated into our Parish Profile (when ready this will be published on this page). Any prospective clergy will be able to view this as part of our recruitment process to find out more about us.

Who can I contact during the interregnum?

For general enquiries (including about banns, marriages, baptisms and funerals), please contact the churchwarden listed below for your church. They will be a good first port of call.

Should you need to contact a vicar, our Assistant Area Dean, Revd Clarissa Cridland, has kindly offered to be a point of contact. Her contact details can be found at the website of Coleford Church.


George Batchelar – 01761 414087

Kathy Mayley – 01761 413109

Marilyn Smart – 01761 472249

Vicky Maule – 01761 472959