Baptisms, Thanksgivings and Blessings

Our churches are always pleased to welcome families wanting to mark the wonderful event of a child’s birth.  It is our privilege to stand with you , pray for you, and help you celebrate this special moment in your family life.  We know this is a profoundly joyful, but also potentially a daunting time, and seek to bring all of these aspects into the presence of God.  The vicar aims to conduct services in a way that are relaxed and friendly for families and children, whilst maintaining a sense of all that is holy about these occasions.
We would encourage you to consider what kind of service is appropriate for you child and you family.

Christian Baptism

Baptism is a powerful service which connects a child to Jesus Christ and to the life of the church.  If you are sure that you want to be active in bringing your child up in the Christian faith, and you are intending to be an active attender of church yourself, then baptism is the right service for your child.

Baptism includes promises to be made by parents and godparents, signing with the sign of the cross, the water rite, (a ‘washing’ which symbolises new life), and the gift of a lighted candle.

Baptisms are normally held in the main morning service of the parish in which you live.

Please post your completed form to:
Paulton Benefice, The Vicarage, Church Street, Paulton, BS39 7LG

Thanksgiving and Blessing

At a time in your life when you are full of wonder at the gift of a new child, this service is primarily to say ‘Thank You’.

It is a proper service which can include a hymn and a reading, and will also include the gift of children’s bible.  It does not involve you making any promises, or require any commitment from you beyond the service itself.
The service also enables the church, in God’s name, to bless your child and to pray for you  as you look forward to the joys and responsibilities of parenthood.

Please contact us below to discuss your preferences for a service of Thanksgiving further.

For further information or enquiries about Baptisms and Blessings, please contact us.

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