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Who is Jesus for You?


oday nearly 2 billion people throughout the world worship Jesus as the Son of God. Their experience has convinced them that in the wonders of nature we see God as our loving Father; in the person of Jesus we discover God as Son; and in our daily lives we encounter this same God as Spirit.

Jesus is our way to finding God: we learn about Jesus by reading the Bible, particularly the New Testament and we meet him directly in our spiritual experience.

Jesus taught us to trust in a loving and merciful Father and to pray to him in faith for all our needs. He taught that we are all infinitely precious, children of one heavenly Father, and that we should therefore treat one another with love, respect and forgiveness. He lived out what he taught by caring for those he met; by healing the sick – a sign of God’s love at work; and by forgiving those who put him to death.

Jesus’ actions alone would not have led him to a criminal’s death on the cross: but his teaching challenged the religious and moral beliefs of his day. Jesus claimed to be the only way to reach God. Above all, he pointed to his
death as God’s appointed means of bringing self-focused people back to God. Jesus also foretold that he would be raised to life again three days after his death. When three days after he had died on the cross his followers did
indeed meet him alive again, frightened and defeated men became fearless and joyful messengers.

Their message of the good news about Jesus is the reason this church exists. More importantly, it is the reason why all over the world there are Christians who know what it means to meet the living Jesus, and who believe that he alone has the key to human life.

To discover more about being a Christian follow see this page on the Church of England web site.

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Wherever you are on your faith journey Paulton, Farrington Gurney and High Littleton Church of England churches extend a welcome to you.

Whether you feel sure and confident in your faith or whether you
are full of questions, doubts and uncertainties you are welcome.