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Palm Sunday Sermon & Hymns

Below you can read a text version of a sermon that Adam has written for us to consider on Palm Sunday. Please continue below to find some audio sermons from Adam’s archive to help us through this time together.

Hymns for Palm Sunday can also be found at the bottom of the page; just press the play button to hear them.

Palm Sunday in Lockdown

Palm Sunday is the time when we remember Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. It’s a time of expectation. We are moving from a time of wilderness and oppression, towards the crystallisation of hope that someone will rescue us.

People were expecting a revolution, hoping for a mighty hero, a king, the great celebrity. But into this, Jesus comes with unexpected humility.

Jesus takes the normal order of the world and turns it upside down.

The saving, the victory, the sacrifice, did not come through the rich, the powerful, but through humble love and service.

The mindset of lockdown brings out a ‘blitz’ spirit in people, pulling together, towing the line, which is both necessary and to be celebrated, but don’t forget the world before all this happened.

The struggling lives of refugees, orphans, widows – the vulnerable and the powerless – the growing divide between rich and poor – all this is still here, still with us, more acute than ever. The pandemic is helping to see these needs, but they were here all along.

In Lent we experience a Spiritual wilderness that reveals our true selves, but also the lies that exist in the world.

People now plead for society not to be selfish, but we have been stockpiling for years – for generations even –  money, power and resources. Calls not to hoard toilet paper and paracetamol, are revealing of much deeper issues of our drive to save ourselves rather than sacrifice for one another. Jesus is clearer about the poisonous nature of money and material wealth than He is on almost any other subject.

Our world had a seemingly unstoppable momentum of consumption and growth. If we had a ‘lent’ it was only ever by choice, just a footnote in our busy lives. But it has all suddenly ceased, and we suddenly have time and cause to assess our priorities.

It turns out that what we really need is to love one another. We now find out how we rely on low paid shop workers and delivery drivers, hard pressed nurses and doctors, and on our local community. These are not the people who are held up as celebrities in our culture – but it turns out that the last shall be first.

Lent has always been about refocusing on what is important in life. This is going to be the longest wilderness time we may ever have.

Let’s not forget the lessons we are learning about our lives and our world.

Love the Lord your God will all your heart, mind, soul and strength, and love your neighbour as yourself. The whole of the law can be summed up in these two commandments.

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