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Sunday Reflection: Child of God

We have now begun our epiphany series exploring some of the big ideas related to being a Christian. Last week we looked at life stories and reading the Bible. If you missed this message I would encourage you to use the sermon audio link below to have a listen, as this coming Sunday we will build on these ideas to look at the theology of adoption and seeing ourselves as a child of God

All our groups are now starting back, Morning prayer begins on the 4th, the first toddlers will be Friday 7th of January, discussion groups will resume on the 11th of January.

Now is a great time to join our Tuesday night discussion group as we begin to explore these new ideas together. You can come along to Holy Trinity Paulton on Tuesday night at 8pm, or email me to request a Zoom link:

Please note: Knit and Natter will be on the 12th of January this month.

Next Sunday the 9.30am service will be at Farrington and 11am at Paulton.

If you want to access resources in the meantime, we have a wealth of materials available.

Our regular pattern of services are now 9.30am High Littleton 1st and 3rd Sundays, Farrington 2nd and 4th Sundays, Paulton 11am and 5pm weekly.

Morning prayer is taking place at 9.30am, Tuesday in Farrington Gurney, Wednesday in Paulton and Thursday in High Littleton. It begins with 30 minutes of quiet reflection, followed by Common Worship morning prayer.

We will also continue our online offering with sermon videos and audio recordings available as well as being able to view the live service and re-watch previous services here.