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Sunday Reflection: Pick up your Cross

We are now into the first phase of Lent and I pray that you are finding it a useful time of reflection and growth. Remember again that this is not about success or failure, it’s just about exploring your relationship with Jesus and with yourself. The focus is been on understanding our Lent time as one of both physical and spiritual practice that will allow us to deepen our relationship with God.

If you click the banner below you can view our menu of Lent activities. They are gathered under the titles of Changing, Cleansing and Reducing. You can choose one for your first two weeks of Lent and then return to the week 3 &4 menu to choose another to add or replace.

Our next round of craft kits are being sent out through the schools and children’s centers this week, containing play-doh, clay and lots of nice crafting tools. Thanks for your continued generosity in supporting these kits. We have the resources we need at present, but you are welcome to donate further if you feel called and it can support the expansion of the project!

The new service book is now available to download here. This will take us all the way through to Easter Sunday.

Please make sure you share the service book with those who can’t access the online.

There are many resources available to help you with your spiritual life through each week, including the responses for Sunday if you are joining in on Zoom.

I would still like to encourage you all to join me with is in praying together for some specific points.

The readings for this week are taken from the Sunday Worship Survival Kit.

You are also welcome to join us for our weekly discussion groups where we dig a bit deeper into the readings and the sermon – Just email Adam and ask to join – Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night.

We will continue our 11am services online, plus I will be sharing the lockdown worship for schools (which I know some of you enjoy 🙂 each week.