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Sunday Reflection: To an Unknown God

Thinking about staying awake to revelation and looking towards God.

The readings for this week can be found on the Sunday Worship Survival Kit.

This week, intercessions have been provided by Ian Piff in Farrington Gurney:

Almighty God, our Father, we worship you. With wisdom you created us and everything in the whole universe and we are in awe of your power, and the immense wonder and beauty of your works. Please accept our worship and our love.

We bring to you our needs and trust you with them according to your promises. Overarching everything at the moment for most of us is the pandemic which has swept our country and the world to an extent none of us has experienced before. This is causing severe problems including with health and premature death, mental health, tensions in relationships, and financial issues at personal, company and state level.

We pray for those charged with making key decisions in these difficult circumstances and for our Prime Minister especially. Thank you for his recovery for which many prayed. We ask for insight for the technical teams seeking a vaccine. We thank you for the commitment of NHS and other staff serving the community on the front line in this country. We think of the millions worldwide for whom this pandemic is a disaster and for them especially we ask for a speedy resolution.

And for the future of our world, our country and ourselves, please cause good to arise from the ashes of this experience. A fresh awakening, better priorities, new sources of prosperity, new visions, new ways of living, healing. People finding you to be their source of abundant new life.

You have promised that if we pray about everything and thank you for your answers we will experience peace which is far more wonderful than the human mind can understand, and we claim that promise now as we earnestly pray for resolution.

We look forward to the day when we can meet together for worship and in the meantime we ask you to be with each of us, even to make this a time when we each come closer to you and feel your presence more acutely than before.

Thank you for your many blessings to us in the midst of the storm.
Again, we offer you our worship, love and praise.

In the mighty name of Jesus.