Sunday Service Update: 30/06/2024

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Sunday Service Update: 30/06/2024
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Hi everyone,

This Sunday is a 5th Sunday so we will be all together in Paulton to celebrate a christening. This will be a great opportunity the worship together, to join in blessing a new child, and to present ourselves as a church to a new group of people who may never have heard this message before!

Thanks to all those who joined us in High Littleton last Sunday afternoon for our Family Church craft event, another lovely afternoon of making and chatting together.

It is Party in the Park in Paulton this Saturday. The Messy Church stall is sorted, but please also remember that we are collecting bottles (wine and other stuff too) for a bottle stall to raise money to refurbish the church windows. These can be donated in the box at the rear of Paulton church.

Also, just a reminder that some of us are off to New Wine in July (22nd to 28th). You are welcome to book as part of Paulton Benefice and camp with us if you want the full immersion experience. But I would encourage all of you to come for at least one day to experience teaching and worship on a huge scale!

Day tickets are available here:

If you want to continue tracking with some of the sermon ideas as they develop I have included some more links to useful content that can help to keep us on the same 'wavelength'. This week, a beautiful but troubling true story of detention in Guantanamo Bay:

The Mauritanian

Discovering the melody

Love your enemies

Jonathan Haidt - "The Anxious Generation" | The Daily Show

Notes on complexity - Neil Theise

I AM THEY: Chapel Sessions Vol.2

The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory: American Evangelicals in an Age of Extremism

Awe - Dacher Keltner

The Bunker: Nuclear war

the wonderful story of Henry Sugar

How religion shaped politics in the western world

The Bulwark on Christian Nationalism (featuring Rob Reiner)

Robert Sapolsky on 'free will'

Disorder: Election AI

The readings for this week are:
2 Samuel 1:1,17-27, 2 Corinthians 8:7-24, and Mark 5:21-43

See all below for all the other details of our groups and upcoming events.

Next Sunday we will be meeting all together at 11am at in Paulton

If you want to access resources in the meantime, we have a wealth of materials available.

You can use the YouTube link to get yourself tuned up and ready to sing with us on Sunday.

If you don't feel able to attend in person, we will continue to provide online worship options as well. The link to Twitch is at the bottom of this email.

Knit and Natter meet in the back room of Paulton church on the first Wednesday of each month from 2 to 4pm. The next meeting is on Wednesday 3 rd July 2024.
Everyone is welcome to come along and join the group, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and a cake and have a good natter!

TGIF is on every Friday and Monday from 10am to 11.30am for coffee, cake, playtime and good chatting - you can find the latest details on Facebook here. (Not during the school holidays)

Morning prayer is taking place at 9.30am Wednesday in Paulton and Thursday in High Littleton. It begins with 15 minutes of quiet reflection, followed by Common Worship morning prayer.

The Church of England have updated their Morning Prayer APP.  You can now listen to morning prayer from the app. I would encourage you all to take this up as a daily practice, it is a great way to grow a pattern of prayer and learn the rhythm of responses each day.

You can download the app here:

view the live service and re-watch previous services here:

Every blessing to you all.