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That was the week(end) that was!

It started on the Friday Evening Holy Trinity (HL) had a preview of their Wedding Memorabilia whilst Holy Trinity (P) held a quiz for Christian Aid.   Both I hope successful.

Saturday morning was taken up by THE WEDDING, and we weren’t disappointed. The sun shone, the people turned up in their thousands in happy joyful mood, and the guests arrived in all their fashionable finery. Then the bride emerged from her car in the most beautiful dress and veil – it certainly was the wedding of the year. And then there was the Preacher – who will forget him? – he preached with fervour and passion for some 14 minutes (I read in the Telegraph on Monday that this is less than half the time he usually takes and the passion was toned down also!)

So it was in a joyful mood we turned up at Holy Trinity (P ) for our Garden Party, armed with bunting, flags and balloons and delicious goodies to eat, To our delight the village people came in considerable numbers to enjoy the occasion. Many thanks to all who contributed to this event in particular I must mention Jane & Chris, who really threw their all into making this the occasion it was.

Sunday morning saw some of us at High Littleton for the Benefice Service. The church was beautifully decorated with Wedding and Bridesmaid dresses, wedding memorabilia and much more.  There was photographs of a couple who were married in the church in 1907 and a wedding dress dating back to 1958 and the bride & groom were there in the church on Sunday, the bride Frances looking just as lovely as on her wedding day. In fact she and her husband John will be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary in December this year – what a celebration that will be.

Trish I thought your dress, apart from the neckline, was remarkably like Meghan’s!

Guy started his sermon by saying that he was working on his boring old sermon last Wednesday (his words, not mine!)  and then he watched and heard the Very Rev Michael Curry – Wow!! I won’t say he continued with as much arm waving as The Rev. Curry – but watch this space!

I would like to congratulate all at Holy Trinity (HL) who organised this event, it must have taken some doing and for all the ladies who rifled through their attics to find and unwrap their wedding dresses, probably in the same tissue they wrapped them up some years back! A big Thank You, I for one very much appreciated it.  Kathy Mayley