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The Bible


The Bible is the most widely read, translated, discussed, loved (and sometimes hated) book in the world.

It can be glorious, hopeful encouraging – in places it can seem dark, troubling and patriarchal.

Really, it is not so much a book as a library, having been written by a series of authors over a period of at least 2000 years, and compiled into its final form in the 500s AD.  Despite the things that can be off-putting about it, it contains a coherent story about God who has created human life on this planet, who cares for it, and wants to develop a relationship with human beings. The big story of the Bible includes at its heart the life and development of Israel – the original Jewish tribes and nation, and then the story of Jesus  (The New Testament

The only way to get to grips with the Bible is to read it.  However, a really helpful way of beginning to understand something about this enormous and fascinating (though often forbidding-looking) book is to visit the website ‘The Bible Project‘.  The Bible Project has short animated videos for grown-ups, which very clearly and succinctly summarize different book so the Bible in a clear, entertaining, introductory way.  Again if you want to know more about it, do get in touch with the vicar, or consider joining a Bible study group.